Kids, Bathing, and a Good Book

Kids, Bathing, and a Good Book


Here at Jason, we’re often talking about the importance of taking time out for yourself and enjoying the full relaxing experience of bathing: unplugging the phones, adding some essential oils to your bath which work fine with all Jason technologies including MicroSilk®, and leaving the world outside so you can re-center and recharge. The little ones can benefit from a good bath as well. However, for them, it’s usually less about relaxing and more about making bubble beards, checking the ratio of bubble bath to bubbles “for science”**, or pretending that action figures can swim just like Aquaman.

Consider this: reading to your kids while they bathe. It's documented that the benefits of reading to your kids include fostering a closer bond between you and your children, assisting in building their vocabulary and listening skills, and giving them an enjoyment for stories and imaginative thinking. Couple that with a great book with moments you can use to encourage important bathing habits. “If you wanna see what happens to Curious George, you’ve gotta get your neck and behind your ears.” It might even get to a point that they WANT to take a bath just so they can hear a story or the continuation of a story that ended on a cliffhanger. “Did Charlotte’s message in the web save Wilbur? Tune in, same bath time, same bath channel!”


** Our marketing coordinator said that he went through A LOT of bubble bath doing this. His wife was not impressed.

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