The Spa Experience at Home

The Spa Experience at Home

Everyone deserves an opportunity to relax and let go of those daily stresses. Getting a full pampering at a spa is one way to do it, but there are a few items can help to give yourself a spa-level, do-it-yourself bathing experience. Best of all, they won’t break the bank!

Epsom Salts and Essential Oils
A great way to soothe those tires muscles is to add a couple cups of Epsom salts to the bath and let your body absorb the magnesium sulfate that gets released from the crystals as they dissolve in the bath water. If you get salts that are unscented, you can add an essential oil or two to the mix to help with breathing, headaches, attitude, and more. Be sure to keep the bathroom door closed to help keep all that steamy goodness in the room with you.

Bath Pillows
Being able to rest in the tub is much easier with a proper neck support device aka ‘the bath pillow’. There are several inflatable ones available in stores and online. You can even make a simple one with a rolled-up hand towel inside a 1-gallon plastic zipper bag that will keep the towel dry and let it float (as long as the seal is secure) should it fall into the tub. Jason offers the HR300 Gel Headrest which is durable, easy to clean, adheres easily to any tub, and is available in your choice of black or blue. Jason also offers the Jetted Neck Pillow as an add-on to almost any of their tubs. Not only is it comfortable, it also has two pulsating water jets designed to massage your neck while you’re relaxing.

Low light is a very calming thing, and a few candles around the tub can fill that position quite well. If you’re concerned about the aspect of the open flame, there are battery-powered flickering tea lights that can do the job as well as the candles. Either method will give the room a more relaxing visual as opposed to that bathroom light fixture that’s as calming as a truck horn. Jason International offers an LED lighting option to not only light up the bathwater, but give it a color, or cycle of colors as you choose, for that touch of chromatherapy you may want to indulge in.

But, even with all that, there’s another sense to consider:

Playing some relaxing music while setting up, or even after you’ve got everything else in place, will complete that spa experience by giving the ears something to listen to other than the sounds being made elsewhere in the house or outside. Play it off your smartphone, through a Bluetooth speaker, or, even better, put yourself “in the music” with Jason’s Sound Immersion System with Bluetooth connectivity. When you purchase a Jason tub and get the Sound Immersion System as an add-on, sound transducing speakers are installed that will provide sound right through the shell of the bathing vessel and into the water. “In the music”, indeed!

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