How Ozone Makes a Difference

How Ozone Makes a Difference


Many of us have heard about the Ozone Layer, probably from the joke about how it was damaged by all the hairspray that was being used during the 1980’s (you know who you are). Here at Jason International, we have the Automatic Ozone Sanitation System that’s a part of all of our hydrotherapy-equipped tubs. The system helps protect the bather against bacteria, pathogens, and viruses when the hydrotherapy system is being used.

But… what IS ozone and how does the Automatic Ozone Sanitation System work?

Ozone is a colorless and odorless reactive gas. The naturally occurring form of it is in the Earth’s stratosphere (the aforementioned Ozone Layer) which reduces the amount of harmful ultraviolet radiation that reaches us on the planet’s surface. Man-made ozone has long been used as a sanitizer in many applications such as helping to purify many of the foods we eat and much of the bottled water we drink. When produced by the Jason Automatic Ozone Sanitation System, it naturally and safely disinfects the bath through a process similar to chlorine (oxidation), but without any of the negative properties of chlorine. The ozone produced by our system is harmless to a bather and to fabrics – towels, wash cloths, and clothing – which means ozone is a logical component for use in our Jason hydrotherapy bath construction.

What makes ozone safe and beneficial in reducing household germs, bacteria, viruses, and fungi? The secret is in its simple chemistry. An ozone (O3) molecule possesses three oxygen atoms – one more than an oxygen (O2) molecule. As the Jason Automatic Ozone Sanitation System works, it creates ozone-infused bubbles that mix with the bathwater. Upon entering the bath well, the ozone molecules in the water release their third oxygen atom. This free, extremely active oxygen atom possesses exceptional sanitizing powers that naturally and safely disinfect the bather, bathwater, and bathtub.

Because oxygen kills anaerobic pathogens on contact, bathing in ozone-infused water has been shown to help relieve skin problems aggravated by bacteria. As part of its dedication to enhanced health and wellness, Jason International is devoted to offering innovations like the Automatic Ozone Sanitation System on their hydrotherapy baths as a simple, natural way to protect both the bather and their investment in a quality product for their home. The UL-approved and EPA-registered Automatic Ozone Sanitation System utilizes the oxygen in the air we breathe and has a 9,000-hour operating life. It is available on Jason’s MicroSilk®, AirMasseur®, Whirlpool, and combination baths and works automatically when the system’s pump or blower is operating.

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